Course curriculum

    1. [Pre-requisite] Who am I & why am I teaching you this?

    2. [Pre-requisite] Who are you & what can you expect?

    1. Introduction to The Life Wheel

    2. Building & Rating Your Life Wheel

    3. Introduction to The Life Garden

    4. Connection Between Life Wheel & Life Garden

    5. Section 2: 1-min Survey :)

    1. Introduction to Notion

    2. Building a Homepage on Notion

    3. Building Your Life Garden on Notion

    4. Filling in Trees (Areas) & Gardens (Spheres) in Your Life Garden

    5. Filling in Branches (Projects) in Your Life Garden

    6. Important Guidelines on Building Branches (Projects)

    7. Filling in Leaves (Tasks) in Your Life Garden

    8. Pyramid of Life Garden Flexibility

    9. Section 3: 1-min Survey :)

    1. Introduction to Metadata

    2. Metadata for Leaves (Tasks)

    3. Metadata for Branches (Projects)

    4. Tracking Your Time & Progress

    5. Metadata for Trees (Areas) & Gardens (Spheres)

    6. Building A Habit Tracker

    7. Using Notion for Personal Knowledge Management

    8. Why the Life Garden is NOT Enough to Plan?

    9. Section 4: 1-min Survey :)

    1. Introduction to Weekly Reviews Page & Weekly Review Template

    2. [MUST WATCH] Building Your Weekly Review Template - Part I: Reflection

    3. [MUST WATCH] Building Your Weekly Review Template - Part II: Planning

    4. [MUST WATCH] Building Your Daily Dashboard page

    5. Techniques to Keep Yourself Accountable

    6. [MUST WATCH] Demo of My Full Planning Routine

    7. Section 5: 1-min Survey :)

    1. The importance of belief: Story of Alcoholics Anonymous

    2. Thank you & keep experimenting :)

    3. End of Course: 2-min Survey :)

About this course

  • $197.00
  • 40 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content


  • Who should take this course, ideally?

    The ideal student is someone who feels overwhelmed with the imbalance in their life, of focusing too much on one area (e.g. work) at the expense of another (e.g. health). And, believe that setting up systems and externalizing their goals will help restore balance.

  • Do I need prior knowledge of Notion?

    No, you don't. I walk you through the step-by-step process for everything I build. But I highly recommend playing around with Notion outside the course as well because it's an awesome tool.

  • Will you give access to Notion templates for what we build?

    Yes! I'll be sharing Notion templates of all the major systems we build in the course.

  • Do I lifetime access to all course content, including Notion templates?

    Yes! :D

  • I've got another question!

    Awesome -- just email :)

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